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Engineers in sales, Architects of Data, Enablers of Financial Health.

At Correlaction, we combine years of frontline experience and executive management with strategic consulting within the finance, banking, retail and FMCG sectors.

We work with industry leaders in complex markets, where outlet universes are measured in the 100,000’s and success is determined by superior execution. Our solutions are leading edge under the hood, yet rugged in use.

Correlaction recognises the family behind every outlet. Effectively and efficiently serving hundreds of thousands of outlets is good for business, and good for African communities.

Fragmentation is a fact. It is also a force for good.

Executive Team.

Rik Bosman


35 years of senior executive experience across the world. A wealth of hands-on knowledge in complex Routes to Market. Operator by trade, engineer in essence. Protagonist of Maximum Efficient Scope™. Busy levelling playing fields, for the right to play is universal

Fred Njogu


Operated two decades in supply chain management, sales operations, M&A,
business development. Engineer turned RTM practitioner, steeped in African
markets. Delivers EDGE: Every Day Great Execution. Leads where talent is evenly spread, but opportunity is not.

Patrick Mosimann
(Swiss & Swedish)


Unwavering champion of leveraging technology, data & analytics to deliver business performance and create value. Has spent a lifetime engaged in insights fit-for-action and creative Bl solutions, yet has only just begun. Uncovers the art of the possible in data.

Steve Whant


Still a Bainie after all these years. Well over three decades’ experience in Strategy & Finance across many sectors internationally. The fount of wisdom in systems implementation, operational analysis & control, opportunity & risk assessments. Free thinker.

Mission & Vision & Impact.

Financial Health via MSME Value Chain digitisation.

We want to level the playing fields for MSMEs to enable them to be competitive in the market.

We collaborate with big market players in the supply chain and financial sectors to further digitise the inclusion of MSMEs to have access to financial services.

Collaborating with strategic partners that share our purpose, we make it possible for retailers to become visible and access credit to grow sustainable businesses and achieve financial health.

Our solution makes it possible for entrepreneurs to become visible and access the financial system so that they can build up resilience to meet their day to day needs and develop long term financial planning.

We collaborate with big market players.

Business Results

YTD transactions (from 488 in 2017)
outlets connected and activated
Million USD processed volume

Our Goals by 2025

0 M
> 0 %
purchase value growth

Our Clients & Partners.

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