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Welcome to Correlaction.

MSME Digitisation: The biggest retail disruption since the barcode

We have collaborated with Mastercard since 2017 to advance financial health for micro-merchants. By removing the cash trap, micro merchants can now order what they can sell tomorrow, not what they can pay today.

Based on our solid growth in Kenya, we are actively expanding into East as well as West Africa.

Sustainable Value Creation.

We integrate existing African physical and financial value chains into one ecosystem

We unlock value for suppliers and financial institutions through improved capacity utilisation of their combined value chains

We improve financial health for micro, small and medium enterprises

We create sustainable value for each ecosystem actor

The Challenge

In sub-Saharan African Retail, both the physical and the financial value chains have sufficient capillary capacity but operate in disconnected silos. The resulting inefficiencies are passed on to the micro retailer.

The Solution

At Correlaction we digitally integrate the physical and financial value chains into one ecosystem to unlock the retail cashtrap.
When the retail cash trap is blocked:

No cash = no order
No order = no sales
No sales = lost income

By clearing the cash trap, Correlaction removes value chain inefficiencies, unlocks value creation and increases MSME competitiveness.

Correlaction’s simple and straightforward solutions, implementing actionable insights distilled to their essence, empower real people to achieve real business results on the front line, day in and day out.

Our Platforms.

Is a digital lending platform based on a virtual Mastercard credit card. Connecting Unilever and KCB together with Mastercard since 2017, other suppliers are now joining the platform.
Is an order-to-cash platform operating on a bank loan account. It is a simple, secure, real time and least cost solution and comes with a Mastercard debit card.

Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, Correlaction powers the largest Retail finance scheme in Kenya and is expanding into Uganda. We provide a simple, secure, least cost solution fit for Africa connecting 4+ banks with 7+ suppliers and 20000+ retailers

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Partnerships for the Goals


Reduced Inequalities

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