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We Create Value.

Our engagements create sustainable value for our partners, based on the principle that success is determined by superior execution.

We integrate existing physical and financial value chains into one ecosystem. We believe the infrastructure is already in place: the warehouses, the vans, the stock, the agency and branch networks. We implement least-cost solutions to increase integrated capacity utilization.

Success is determined by superior execution

Our solutions touch the four bars of value creation:


We deliver double-digit growth through hyperlocal execution for our clients.


We create margin improvements by delivering sustainable efficiencies in cost to serve, and by improving mix through better on-shelf availability.

Capital Efficiency

We have seen improvements from 1 week to 2 months in channel stock reduction, by incorporating the full downstream value chain, from stock in the warehouse to payment terms at the point of sale.

Cost of Capital

We unlock access to credit in environments where cash is the scarcest commodity. We have digitised the cash economy without needing to replace it.

Frontline Effectiveness:

The essence to the power of execution.

Exponential complexity requires go to market solutions that are simple, straightforward and actionable insights distilled to their essence, enabling real people to achieve real business results on the front line, day in and day out.

Simple, straightforward & actionable insights.

Fully operational payment and supplies management ecosystem for:



FMCG Suppliers

Our Platforms.

We have collaborated with Mastercard since 2017 to strengthen financial health through digitisation. We integrate existing physical and financial value chains in sub-Saharan Africa to remove financial barriers for micro-merchants so that they can order what they can sell tomorrow, not what they can pay today.

Outlets using our platforms have demonstrated robust growth year-on-year in different sectors such as foods and beverages, groceries, transportation, etc. Small outlets that do not get consistent service from distributors typically grow high digit (20% range) from their ability to improve their assortment.

Is a digital lending platform based on a virtual Mastercard credit card. Connecting Unilever and KCB together with Mastercard since 2017, other suppliers are now joining the platform.
Is an order-to-cash platform operating on a bank overdraft. It is a simple, secure, real time and least cost solution and comes with a Mastercard debit card.

We drive superior performance, and derive simplicity from complexity.